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關於 Cyberpolitics 課程的澄清 September 1, 2009

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(後補,原來學校手冊的 course description一直沒有改動,它是課程成立一開始時(幾年前編寫的),沿用至今,至於為何學生的數目跌,則與 course description 無關,可能與其他的原因相關。


每年秋季我都會在中大政政和通識開課,叫 Cyberpolitics,已經兩年了,兩年都有3﹣50名學生。一直以來,我的 course description 如下:

The course explores the relation between cyberspace and politics, in particular, the relation between the development of Internet social software, deliberative democracy and civil society. The course examines how practices in the Internet help realize notions such as civil society, governance and citizenship by 1. employing theories around network society, public sphere, social movement and media studies; 2. by researching on or practicing online tools, such as google map, youtube, forum, facebook and etc. Students will be guided to observe and analyze Internet culture and practices under the context of global knowledge production, social movement and information society.

去年,為了使課程進入通識的科學分類,我作了如下的修改,並把課程的名稱改為 ICT and politics,course description 如下:

This course will look into the inter-connectedness of technology, social and culture development and politics. It would help students to understand the role of ICT in human world not only as a tool but also as moderating force and a contesting arena, especially in respect to the moral and cultural tension it entailed.  Moreover, the course would help students to develop practice knowledge of ICT in various field and through their experience, help them to develop their judgement and value on related debates.

後來,因為通識否決了修改,所以決定沿用 cyberpolitics 的課程內容。怎料,新學期開始,只有9個學生修讀了這科。雖然我喜歡小班教學,但由50到9人的跌幅實在太大了,順手翻查了學生手冊的資料,發現 course description 如下:

(Not for students who have taken UGB272R or UGC272R.) This course will examine cyberpolitics through method and content. First, the use of the Internet to gather data in general shall be examined. This will involve discussing useful search portals, especially for topics in politics, search engines, web-based meta-engines and meta-engine applications. Then, after an introduction to the subject, students will use this knowledge to look at a cyberpolitics topic of their choice. Cyberpolitics, broadly speaking, is the relationship between the Internet and politics. This includes topics such as e-governance; how the Internet empowers fringe and non-fringe political actors within institutionalized political activity (cyberdemocracy); how it empowers non-state actors, including terrorists, against the state; and how states use the Internet to respond to challenges to their authority or even survival.

我不想多評論這個 course description,但第一句真的空泛得要命,而更核心的問題是,這些不是我要教的內容。我不知道為什麼會有這樣的情況出現,但我不想學生覺得我貨不對版。特此澄清,亦請大家幫忙傳給中大的本科學生。


Watching Stars At Queen’s Pier July 28, 2007

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Need to back up the Queen’s pier campaign from tomorrow onward. According to the government schedule, the pier would be demolished by the end of July, the coming few days will be critical. Some of my friends had already started hunger strike, and some prepared to stay on the roof until the last moment. I will be hanging out in the pier and writing citizen report in the coming few days. Will be absent from Globalvoicesonline for at least a week.

The above picture is drawn by chong.

As for my OAT (Obscene Article Tribunal) case, Rebecca has posted my recent exchange with the OAT and TELA (Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority). I was pretty angry receiving their one line reply. As an ordinary citizen, I should have the rights to know the procedure of the classification system and how the two adjudicators are chosen, not to mention that I am a potential target of the criminal charge due to their classification. Will file complaint to open information officer later.

Too much happening these days, thanks for all the back up in the updating.