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香港的新聞自由 Press Freedom in Hong Kong August 8, 2007

Posted by oiwan in Citizen Journalism, Freedom of Speech, In-Media, Press freedom.
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聽到他講電話,心想,這些事情在主流媒體一定不會發生,因為轉過頭,官員就會打電話給報館上司:剛才打電話來的那位記者好無禮貌,做咩問埋呢啲問題等等...接著上司就會係咁 Sa 晒,驚搞衰關係,以後 briefying 無佢地份.結果,唔啱既好似永遠係窮追猛打的記者,尤其是無經驗的新仔.咁搞法,新聞自由慢慢就縮下縮下 ,到最後無得浄.

Recently because of the Queen’s Pier and OAT issue, Chong frequently called up government department to check out some facts and forced the government officials to answer. Yesterday, his questions about the sealing off of Edinburg Place made the civic engineering and development department and transportation department so nervous. And eventually development bureau had to give a public statement to the issue.

I told chong that his “interrogation” style would have never happened in mainstream media because the government officials would call back the reporter’s supervisor to make complaint: your reporter has very bad manner, how can s/he ask such question, etc. The supervisor of course would apologize for fear that the government official won’t call them up for media briefing next time. In the end, aggressive reporters are the ones to be blamed, especially those young reporters without much experience. If such newsroom management prevail, we will eventually lose our press freedom.