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Social Movement is not PR! 運動不是公關 August 9, 2007

Posted by oiwan in Freedom of Speech, Press freedom, Social movement.

有朋友轉寄一些記者的 blogs 當中有一些批評說本土行動的公關做得不好. #1, 2, 3.

A friend forwarded some reporter blogs which criticized local action’s Queen’s pier campaign has very bad PR. #1, 2, 3.






Below is a response from one of the hunger strike participants:

Right, I can never identify with the reporters perception that “as journalists they have absolute right”, they really think that way!

When three of us were discussing about our strategies, they forced in their cameras, they even wanted to put forward the mic! Public space doesn’t mean that “whatever we do you can shoot into your camera”, please show your ethics! When we asked them not to shoot, they cursed at us with their fucking attitude “we are helping you, why don’t you let us shoot?”

I brushed teeth at the pier because I was forced to do so, at 7am, the city hall had not yet opened. I would never intended to brush teeth for the camera! They said as if I was brushing for the camera. If I really wanted to attract attention, I would have taken off my clothes! right? Besides, I was very polite in requesting them not to shoot, I almost kneed down to beg them not to shoot. They not only ignored me, the Cable TV camera man even changed his position to shoot me with better angle. They had no respect for us. What is the relation between brushing teeth and the campaign, why are they shooting this? At night, when we used wet tissue papers to clean our faces and hands, they turned on the cameras again. I want to ask whether we are human or pandas? (I haven’t yet fucked them for asking stupid questions, everyday they came to us and asked whether we were hungry or not, what were they expecting?)

More on the flash and lighting, there were not just one reporter, everyone were using flash. Tried to see how you would have felt if you didn’t take any food for 5 days and were surrounded by hundreds of people flashing you, together with the T.V camera’s strong lights!


有啲記者真係好過份. 而我覺得我地係太遷就記者了. 商台記者係拆之前一日七點鬆啲, 係咁打電話話要搵陳景輝八時做訪問, 我話, 人地絶食咗四日, 仲要一早搵人起身做訪問? 佢講到搵佢做訪問係益咗我地咁, 真係想屌尻佢, 但我都忍住度氣, 問佢可唔可以搵非絶食者. 但後來陳景輝答應話做.

老實講, 如果我係陳, 一定拒絶做, 呢啲記者完全連基本做人應有的體諒與人性都無. 比警察仲衰. 我唔覺得要遷就呢啲記者, 我地遷就佢, 只會令佢地變本加厲.

運動唔係 PR, 唔係做 show. 我擔心一些血氣方剛的新人加入, 唔係因為佢地形象衰, 而係因為佢地對運動的方向策略不理解, 為挑戰警察而行動, 又唔識保護自己, 到最後害了自己又害了運動.

I also joined the discussion:

Some reporters really have crossed their line. And I feel that we are too good to them. I remember the morning before the D-day, a reporter from commercial radio woke many of us up at around 7am to arrange an interview with chan king fai, one of the hunger strike students, at 8am. I said, he (Chan) has already hunger strike for 4 days, I don’t think he can wake up so early for the interview. He replied as if the interview was arranged to help us. I really wanted to fuck him off, but I kept my temper, asked him whether he could interview non-hunger strike participants, etc. However, later Chan agreed to do the interview.

To be frank, if I were Chan, I would never have agreed. Many reporters don’t have basic human compassion, sometimes even worse that the police. I don’t think we should be pleasing them. When we try to please them, they would have worse attitude.

Social movement is not PR, it is not a show. I also worried about some new angry youths joining the local action network, not because of their “bad images”, but because of their lack of understanding for our strategy and direction, and they might agitate the police at will without self-protection and movement considerations. Eventually harm themselves and harm the movement.


Many people suggested that we (member of local action) shouldn’t curse in the public. Sorry, if cursing is not allowed, our society would only become more and more like singapore, eventually criminalization of 4-letter words (what had been proposed by the MTR company) would become the mainstream opinion! I wouldn’t let myself murder the society diverse language expressions by PR strategy. Even movies from Mainland and Hollywood are full of 4-letter words, why Hong Kong is so dominated with language hygiene? and loses its tolerance towards minority and diverse language expressions?



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